My Little Fairy Tale

Thanks for stopping by, can you stay for a cuppa and a short little story. One day there was a girl, once she discovered she had met her knight in shining armour, he asked her one question that had her

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Natural Headache Relief

    I love finding ways to stop filling our bodies with crap, since I have had glasses (only about 4 weeks) if I forget to wear them I get chronic headaches.  Apparently eating 10-12 Almonds is comparable to taking

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Fit an extra 20 squats into your day…without the work out!

Im sure you have heard of the term incidental exercise.  Today I am going to tell you how I squeeze an extra 20 squats into my day.

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Organizing for Business & Personal Growth | Oh My! Handmade

Organizing for Business & Personal Growth | Oh My! Handmade. via Organizing for Business & Personal Growth | Oh My! Handmade.   My first ever guest post, I am feeling very honoured.

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10 words to describe me and my Values…

As a part of expanding my business and learning about running it better I found a free e-book from The Orange Lantern called 4 steps to Soulful Sales and Selling with ease.  I will be posting my answers for each

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Getting Dressed – Train Station Style

This morning was one of those mornings with my children. I had been awake with the baby for more of the night than I choose to remember. I didn’t get up until my last alarm for the morning. I wanted

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Can you love them too much?

  This is a follow on from a conversation my partner and I were having earlier this evening. Can you love your children too much?

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Book Art, Brag Post

I decided it was time for me to brag about the books I fold.  The response I get from customers is amazing and they can be customised in almost any way imaginable.  All the pictures are of books I have

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