10 words to describe me and my Values…

As a part of expanding my business and learning about running it better I found a free e-book from The Orange Lantern called 4 steps to Soulful Sales and Selling with ease.  I will be posting my answers for each of the tasks outlined, head over and say Hi to Helen, let her know I sent you.

So being incredibly honest 10 words to describe me and my values…

  • honest
  • trustworthy
  • spiritual
  • modest
  • faithful
  • creative
  • unique
  • happy
  • easy going
  • free

Hope this is a little help it you decide to head over there.

You can find more of my tasks for this here.

Comment 3 words to describe yourself.


Happy days, Joy



I am a stay at home mum, with my own business, expanding into the world of seriously using the internet to connect with people. I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, and there just aren't too many people like me here considering it was my ex husband that lived here, its mostly his friends and family. I now have a wonderful new partner, a wee baby girl, and a business that is moving in leaps and bounds.

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