Fit an extra 20 squats into your day…without the work out!

Im sure you have heard of the term incidental exercise.  Today I am going to tell you how I squeeze an extra 20 squats into my day.

Fit extra squats into your day.

Fit extra squats into your day.

As a busy Mum with a business, I know how hard it can be to get to the gym.  People can say all they like that not having time is just an excuse, I dare them to walk a day in everyone’s shoes before judging.  I don’t care what reason you have for being too busy, you just are!


I squeeze, pardon the pun, an extra squat into the washing.  I’ll explain how…

  • I put the pegs and the basket at my feet.
  • Instead of bending to pick up each item make it a squat.
  • Be sure you have your posture correct.


If you are a beginner only do it with the first 5 or 10 pieces listen to what your body can do.

As always, before starting any form of exercise consult your doctor.


Do you have any tips on getting the extra little bit out of each day?







I am a stay at home mum, with my own business, expanding into the world of seriously using the internet to connect with people. I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, and there just aren't too many people like me here considering it was my ex husband that lived here, its mostly his friends and family. I now have a wonderful new partner, a wee baby girl, and a business that is moving in leaps and bounds.

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