My Little Fairy Tale

knightThanks for stopping by, can you stay for a cuppa and a short little story.

One day there was a girl, once she discovered she had met her knight in shining armour, he asked her one question that had her stumped…”How do you like your eggs?”  It wasn’t really what he wanted to know, they weren’t talking about breakfast.  He saw things in her she didn’t know existed any more. Some time passed and with a great deal of soul searching, that girl became a lady again, with a brain, with thoughts, with opinions, with dreams, with a drive to discover more and help others.  She also knew how she wanted to do it.

That might have been a new take on an old fairy tale but it is my fairy tale.  After my separation I realised there was more to life than the one I had been living, I wanted to help others find there own brand of happy.  I had a few different ideas but none of them really fitted what I was looking to achieve.  After a rough day I stumbled upon life coaching, it fits perfectly and I would be honoured if you would allow me into your life.

Stop by, share your thoughts, I want to hear from you!

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I am a stay at home mum, with my own business, expanding into the world of seriously using the internet to connect with people. I live in a small town in Victoria, Australia, and there just aren't too many people like me here considering it was my ex husband that lived here, its mostly his friends and family. I now have a wonderful new partner, a wee baby girl, and a business that is moving in leaps and bounds.

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