Thanks for stopping by, can you stay for a cuppa and a short little story.

One day there was a girl, once she discovered she had met her knight in shining armour, he asked her one question that had her stumped…”How do you like your eggs?”  It wasn’t really what he wanted to know, they weren’t talking about breakfast.  He saw things in her she didn’t know existed any more.  After about a year, a baby and dealing with separation garbage, that girl became a lady, with a brain, with thoughts, with opinions, with dreams, with a drive to discover more.

That might have been a new take on a fairy tale but it is my fairy tale.  I started this blog after blogging for my businesses and wanting a place to connect with people that think like I do, that want to connect to nature more, to share my learnings on aromatherapy, gemstone healing, parenting tips, happiness and more.

I filter posts that will specifically be of interest to Tin Tiara to their own site, but all appear here first, please join my newsletter for continued updates.

Stop by, share your thoughts, I would love to hear from you.


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